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If you use underscores in your property names, you must still use camel case in your getter/setter declarations for use with magic methods. You can use a column map (as described above) to ensure proper mapping of your properties to their database counterparts.Every instance of a model represents a row in the table.Public properties provide less complexity in development.However getters/setters can heavily increase the testability, extensibility and maintainability of applications.Its class name should be in camel case notation: method is only called once during the request.This method is intended to perform initializations that apply for all instances of the model created within the application.An example is in order, so taking our Robots model mentioned earlier: method returns a Phalcon\Mvc\Model\Resultset\Simple.This is an object that encapsulates all the functionality a resultset has like traversing, seeking specific records, counting, etc.

The ORM is compatible with both schemes of defining properties. As much of the system expects camel case, and underscores are commonly removed, it is recommended to name your properties in the manner shown throughout the documentation.PHQL is a high-level, object-oriented and SQL-like language.This language provide you more features to perform queries like joining other models, define groupings, add aggregations etc. It allows you to quickly perform a retrieval from a table by using the property name in the method itself and passing it a parameter that contains the data you want to search for in that column.There are times that the application logic requires additional manipulation of the data as it is retrieved from the database.Previously, we would just extend the model and encapsulate the functionality in a class in the model or a trait, returning back to the caller usually an array of transformed data.

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