Updating marital status

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It all starts with your marriage license or a certified copy of it.Once you have it, visit the Social Security Administration's website to apply for an up-to-date Social Security card reflecting your shiny new name.You also will need to get an updated social security card with your new name. The post office sends your new information to the IRS.Simply submit Form SS-5, the Application for a Social Security Card, and allow yourself at least two weeks for the change to go into effect. However, I also recommend that you notify the IRS directly about your address change using Form 8822, especially if you’re expecting a tax refund.

Check the common law specifications for the state in which you live, since you may be considered common law wed if you've lived with a long-term partner for a specific length of time.

It’s important to decide which tax filing status you’re going to use for the year in which your marital status changes.

Your filing status is important because it determines the amount of tax you have to pay.

Make sure that you're able to correctly identify your legal marital status to census workers. Census workers were instructed to count long-term gay and lesbian couples as "married" under the law, due to common law marriage laws. Census Bureau notes that the specification for separation was added to the U. To be considered divorced, the legal divorce proceedings to dissolve your marriage with your spouse has ended and the divorce has been granted.

To identify yourself as married, you must have been married legally by the proper authority or have lived with your partner long enough for your relationship to be considered a common law marriage depending on the laws of your specific state. To be classified as separated, you must still be married, yet live in a different location than your spouse. Even if you are currently living with a new person and have not married this individual, you are still considered divorced.

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