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Oh, that's right: Ellison is chairman of the Oracle board. He also used some of his time onstage to skewer Equifax following the security breach it suffered earlier this year in which more than 140 million people had their personal credit information compromised. Ellison said both the Autonomous Database Cloud and the security system use machine learning for automation to eliminate human labor, human error and manual tuning, and to enable availability, high performance and security at a much lower cost than competitors that include AWS.“These systems are highly, highly automated--this means we do everything we can to avoid human intervention," Ellison said."This is the most important thing we've done in a long, long time. Security is 'Robotic,' 'Autonomous'"They're robotic; they're autonomous.Oracle Says It Will Undercut AWSOf course we know this example was a setup, but the CFO's question would be this: How in the world is Oracle going to make any money undercutting AWS--and, by inference, everybody else--by that much?There's a lot more to the story than this, for sure, but Oracle board members had better schedule an ad hoc meeting--and the sooner the better. 1, Ellison introduced not only the aforementioned "world's first autonomous database cloud," but also an as-yet unnamed automated security product, which he said he would detail later in the week.

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The company listed the following capabilities: Oracle said the database cloud is designed to handle a high number of different workloads, including transactions, mixed workloads, data warehouses, graph analytics, departmental applications, document stores and Io T.

I saw where the CEO lost his job--which doesn't bother me now, I'm not a CEO.

That's a risky job those guys have," Ellison said with a slight laugh. It's a clean sweep (with a breach like Equifax's); directors aren't safe, nobody's safe when something like that happens."This is going to get a lot worse before it gets better, Ellison said."People are going to get better at stealing data; we have to get better at protecting it," he said.

Ellison on Equifax, Security"You've got to know (about a breach) during the reconnaissance phase of a cyber attack," Ellison said, "when someone is nosing around in your computer system--trying to steal a password, trying to steal someone's identity.

As they come in and start looking around, you'd better detect that that's happening."Ellison chastised Equifax for not patching its system in time."I know it's a shock, but there was a patch available for Equifax, but somebody didn't apply it.

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