Updating wikipedia

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This project was thought up in order to provide an efficient and easy solution to update local copy of Wikipedia.

Once the project is finished, people will be able to get automatically incremental updates of their Wikipedia local copy.

On the one hand, we provide a formalization of DBpedia as an Ontology-Based Data Management framework and study its computational properties.

On the other hand, we provide a novel approach to the inherently intractable update translation problem, leveraging the pre-existent data for disambiguating updates.

I wanted to keep it short enough to look good on a Facebook Community Page Wikipedia Tab. Hopefully as time goes by Facebook will explain better why they created them in the first place and enhance their usefulness.

BUT International Development Exchange does not have a Community Page. /pages/IDEX/121216267890213 Notice the ability to suggest a relevant Wikipedia Page? All that said and Facebook confusion aside, odds are your nonprofit has a Facebook Community Page.

The IDEX acronym altered the way Facebook created a Community Page for IDEX. You can do basic edits or get really advanced with your Wikipedia Page – like the Humane Society of the United States. I was able to edit IDEX’s Page because anyone can edit a Wikipedia Page.

Using Kiwix, with files in the ZIM format, it is possible to have a local copy of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia has played a tremendous role in making the world's information available for free.

In this paper, we present an approach to allow ontology-based updates of wiki content.

Starting from DBpedia-like mappings converting infoboxes to a fragment of ontology, we discuss various issues associated with translating SPARQL updates on top of semantic data to the underlying Wiki content.

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