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Those in ASC leadership applying such tactics are also the ones most loudly and persistently complaining about Scientology disconnection.Paradoxically, those people made conscious decisions to disconnect from the ones they spend years wailing about having disconnected from them.Those who find themselves considering whether to join the ranks of troll followers who employ degradation and belittlement for entertainment might want to step back and evaluate before they get sucked into that vortex.A couple of credible studies show that trolls are a special breed of ugly creature. ASC trolls wrap themselves in the ‘abolish disconnection’ flag to give their trolling some sort of noble justification. Golbeck notes that the solution to trolls is just that, disconnection.

In attacking it, she reveals that the idea that ‘disconnection’ can be considered cathartic is as American as apple pie.The ASC fora are not only riddled with trolls, the bloggers themselves have become trolls.Their antics have little to do with education, imparting understanding, and least of all heroics.Last year I told a member of ASC (Anti-Scientology Cult) royalty that had I foreseen the outcome of my efforts to encourage people to speak and write openly and publicly about scientology, I would not have undertaken them in the first place.I likened the majority of public Scientology discussion to a tabloid pile-on fest.

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