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The reality though, now that I've been testing the Blink cameras for about two months, is a little more sobering.The live view and recorded clips are often too short to be usable, the cameras resolution and quality is mediocre, the lack of night vision is a big letdown for what is supposed to be a security cam system, and the Android app is sloooooooooow.The scheduled arm/disarm feature made more sense than geofencing for my small business with specific open/closed hours.And the newly added Alexa integration was a big bonus since it would allow me to control the cams from my Echo Dot.Ethernet is supposed to be later used as an alternate connectivity method to Wi Fi (though I was able to use it once for setup, so it kind of works already), whereas USB should allow you to save clips locally with a future update.

It also doesn't have a native scheduled arm/disarm feature; I really shouldn't have to manually arm and disarm my cameras when a simple time-based schedule is easy to implement.And I find that they blend in quite easily with the rest of the pharmacy's white cabinets and glass shelves.That camera I placed right next to the multivitamins is nearly undetectable unless you're looking for it.Canary (full review), on the other hand, is quasi-perfect, if it weren't for one little quirk: I sometimes have to leave the pharmacy during work hours, and my phone's geofence triggers Away mode so I get notified of every movement that happens.I could add my assistant as a member to the Canary and have it stay in Home mode when she's working, but the problem is she lives in the same building the pharmacy is located in, so based on her phone's geofence, Canary would never auto-arm. Here was a bundle of 3 cameras that cost just a tad more than a single cam from competitor brands, but that gave you total freedom over where you placed them.

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