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Lucious is smitten, but it’s hard to tell if Giuliana is feeling the same. He’s asked Tory Ash to write Nessa some hits, but when Tory swings into their meeting two hours late, she explains that Lucious has her on a tight contract for But maybe, just maybe, she can make an exception and write one thing for Nessa. When Tory leaves, Andre asks Giuliana what the deal is with her and his father. Cookie, on the other hand, is a master of gestures both big small.Cookie interrupts Lucious’ reverie and hears the song, which he’s playing on the speakers in his office. “We met a long time ago,” she explains, “and he didn’t remember me, so clearly I didn’t make an impression.” Is she lying to Andre or to herself? And Cookie likes grand gestures, drama, showmanship. Case in point: the way she side-eyes Giuliana when they meet in Empire’s lobby with Andre and Lucious.I guess the appeal of Family will depend a fair amount on whether you like this sort of content usually.But even if you don't, I think there is a lot to enjoy here because there are so many good videos to enjoy.Lucious continues to swear that Empire will have nothing to do with Giuliana’s dirty Vegas business — and Cookie swears she’s met Giuliana before somewhere. After work, Cookie and her sons have dinner, and she talks to them about Angelo’s impending proposal.Hakeem is a baby about it (“I’m too old to have a stepfather!It’s Lucious with braids and a thin, icky ponytail (not unlike the teeny ponytail he is sporting in present day… “This woman Andre is dealing with is very dangerous,” he explains. We watched her shoot her husband with barely a second thought!what’s up with that), writing a song for Giuliana called “Crazy Crazy 4 U.” “I think I was put here just so I could write a song about you,” he tells her. Over at Empire, that deal is still very much underway — and Andre thinks he’s solved their problem of needing to present hit songs for Nessa to the Vegas commissioner in order to get the whole plan approved.

I can’t believe how quickly this friendship flamed out — although Tory is such a fair weather friend, I’m glad Jamal was free of her quickly.”), Jamal thinks everyone should be on board, and Andre agrees he’ll be supportive — they all agree to support his Vegas deal. Anyway, Andre decides they should launch Jamal’s visual album with a party in Vegas and stream it on Empire Xstream — they’ll break into the town Lucious never could. Becky pulls Lucious into the studio to hear what Tory has been working on.(Cue collective groan.) Of COURSE Andre has to make a family meal somehow into a business meeting. It’s a “hit” (like every song that ever exists in the Empire universe except that bad one Tiana didn’t want to record), and like they say on having a white girl singing black music is a surefire way to make bank.“Cookie and Lucious take matters into their own hands as they watch Diana Du Bois’ master scheme unfold. Pound Cake was in pain as Cookie walked her down the hall. Meanwhile, Andre begins to spiral out of control, wondering what she could have in store for him. Cookie tells them that they are all there for Andre. Time passes, Cookie recalls meeting Pound Cake’s baby girl right after birth.

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