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Perhaps, Ailes only wanted to sign me for the same reason as all the other blonde women. Kirsten Powers knows on which side her bread is buttered.

Maybe I’m too outspoken, and he thought I am not the type to give in to him (that would be correct), and I’d speak out (correct again). And she wouldn’t have made these not-so-veiled statements for nothing.

But now, given what we know about the parade of women who’ve come forth about Ailes–plus the stories, including that about a woman who was on FOX News’ paid staff and had a no-show job (other than being an Ailes concubine)–I have a different take.

My own experience with Ailes made me wonder, and now I think I know what was going on.She is the deputy to Bill Shine (close friend of Sean Hannity), who is Executive VP of FOX News and in line to replace Ailes. END OF UPDATE **** Later that year, Rush Limbaugh had lunch with Ailes in New York and asked him about me and why this happened.BOTH Shine and Scott are identified in this extensive, tawdry story as wranglers of and troubleshooters for Roger Ailes’ paid harem at FOX News. Rush told me that before he could even get my name out of his mouth, Ailes finished my name and began laying into me (fortunately, not laying me.She gets by, by pretending to be a “moderate liberal”–whatever that is (like White Hispanic? Most importantly, why should a woman be expected to upend her career just because she ended up in the crosshairs of some harasser?)–while actually being very liberal and never having had an insight or bright observation in her life. Sounds very clearly like Powers is speaking for herself and her circumstances at FOX News, which pays her in the six figures–I’m told in the mid-six figures.

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