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I always try to be upfront regardless of whether or not it will make a sale. Companies don’t want to say straight out “Get rejected by some women so you can be welcomed by others!To rebuild trust for my profession, I’d like share some dating truths that I’m not afraid to tell you (and that you probably won’t hear anywhere else). ” But I understand why they stretch the truth — it’s because a lot of men won’t even attempt to meet women after facing that reality. Women have different personalities, tastes, and preferences and you won’t match all of them.She appeared as the dating coach in the VICE documentary, Mobile Love Industries and was the online dating expert and coach in the award-winning feature film, The Lonely Italian.Julie’s received numerous honors and held positions including: Julie’s advice has reached millions.If there was some guy who could attract every woman he met, I would quit teaching and study under his ethereal wisdom. The great thing is that there are more women than you could ever handle that will be head over heels into you.Yes, you will face rejection in the process, but every time you’ll get stronger.Julie’s been featured and quoted over 1500 times in the media including: ABC, Access Hollywood Live, BBC, Boston Globe, Buzz Feed, CBS, CNET, CNN, Cosmopolitan, E!Entertainment, Elle, Glamour, Good Day LA, Good Morning America, Hallmark Channel, HLN, Daily Beast, Daily Mail, Los Angeles Times, Mashable, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, NBC, New York Post, New York Times, NPR, PC World, Psychology Today, Redbook, Sydney Morning Herald, Time.com, Today Show, USA Today, USA Weekend, VICE, Washington Post, WIRED, Woman’s Day, Women’s Health, and Woman’s World.

Maybe you’re already in a relationship, and you want nothing more than to heal it, and make it better. Look, you know deep down you’re the emotional center of the household. But we’ve been tying our emotional roller coaster to other peoples rides and it’s driving us crazy, because it’s backwards.

Sadly, the barrier of entry was low and the potential return on investment was high.

You didn’t need credibility or a Ph D, you just needed an audience willing to listen.

And it’s because so many have been turned off by exaggerated claims, spammy pop-ups, and misogynistic preachings. I came in from the other side as a guy looking to put my own life back together.

I was lucky enough to experience rapid improvements although I had to comb through a lot of awful advice in the process.

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