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Not to completely splinter the bones as these devices were capable of doing, but just to squeeze the lovelies in question a bit closer to confession.

Also I would like to see a bit more interaction between the torturer and the victim. You're welcome, I think people will be interested in Le Marquis. They're on a revolving queue; by sheer coincidence, yours came up the week your promotion started.

I had often looked for more fiction by Dean Anderson, but never found any. To meditate at one's leisure on scenarios of humiliation and torture.

To imagine the apparatus and what form it should take.

I would keep the Spanish horse and rack but what else and what would you add? ), but I happened to peruse the board recently and was delighted to find that the novel 'Torture Tomb' was being prominently mentioned on the board.

This was the best piece of GIMP fiction I have ever read.

However, I would like to see the rack retained and of course of course of course the whip and plenty of it. Perhaps a few nice smokies on a ripe, round buttock cheek would be fun, or even on a thigh perhaps???

But moreover, what about a bit of the good old thumbscrew and perhaps the iron boot or leg crusher like the one the delicious Gina Lollobrigida was put in during the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

I think that site survived and morphed into a website, though I haven't checked it in years. To be exhorted to think of yet further tortures that you might endure.I actually posted this first in the very early days of web activity, when the only place to find this stuff was on the bulletin boards.I never even heard of a 'web page' when I first wrote this fiction.The tone of the writing sympathized with the women being tortured and favored their viewpoint.Most web based fan fiction makes the mistake of being from the tormentor's viewpoint.

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